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ISML 2015 has concluded.
Congratulations to this year's champions,
Chitanda Eru and Accelerator!

Final Standings

1Chitanda Eru
2Yukinoshita Yukino
3Shiina Mashiro
4Kirisaki Chitoge
5Sakura Chiyo
6Yūki Asuna
7Aoyama Nanami
9Onodera Kosaki
10Yuigahama Yui
11Makise Kurisu
15Eucliwood Hellscythe
16Aragaki Ayase

2Araragi Koyomi
5Hikigaya Hachiman
6Otonashi Yuzuru
7Kanie Seiya
8Edward Elric
9Sakamaki Izayoi
10Kamijō Tōma
11Sakata Gintoki
12Emiya Kiritsugu
13Katsuragi Keima
14Takasu Ryūji
15Okazaki Tomoya

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