ISML Rules and Guidelines - FAQ

International Saimoe League is governed by a Constitution and supported by Annual Charters. Please read both documents for a full understanding of our processes, but if you are short on time, the highlights are summarized in a brief, convenient FAQ below.
Last updated: 15 November 2015

What is ISML and how do I participate?
  • ISML hopes to find the most moe among anime girls, and it's up to you to decide by casting your vote!
  • Voting is free of charge; you are not required to register an account.
  • Join the forum to discuss ISML with fellow fans. Subscribe to the news blog for tournament updates.
  • Your participation means that you agree to our rules and policies.

What has changed since 2014?
  • A third Division featuring male characters has been added.
  • Nominations will begin in March instead of January.
  • The Preliminary Period will be updated for 2015.

What is the schedule of 2015?
  • The calendar at right highlights all the scheduled match days.
  • The 2015 calendar will be available soon. The first event is the Nomination Period, beginning March 1 and lasting two weeks.
  • Matches start at 1500 GMT on the scheduled day and last for 24 hours.
  • Results will be released 12 hours after a match ends.
  • The schedule is tenative and may change in the future, but we'll keep you updated on the news blog.

Where do I vote?

How does the Postseason work?
  • The top 16 ranked Contestants from each Division are seeded into a single-elimination tournament.
  • For male Contestants, the winner of the tournament wins the Champion's Scepter.
  • For female Contestants, the winner of this first tournament wins the Sapphire Circlet (Nova) and the Diamond Circlet (Stella). The top 8 Contestants from each division are seeded together into a second single-elimination tournament.
  • The winner of this tournament wins the Heavenly Tiara.
  • Exhibition matches will be present in Phase II. Consolation matches will be held for ranking purposes.

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